Here at Timothy Roe Fine Jewellery we pride ourselves on offering every element of jewellery design and manufacturing on site. This is no exception for our stone setting with our stone setters working on-site throughout the week. Our stone setters expertise see’s them setting everything from our classic solitaire through to our most intricate pave set pendants.

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Our Stone setters work at 10 x magnification ensuring the highest quality setting on every piece.

Our stone setters use microscopes with 10 x magnification, depending on what they are working on, when setting. This allows them the precision and control required to ensure high quality setting.

Setting Styles

From remaking and setting Victorian style rings to modern pave set diamond pendants, our setters are highly skilled in a variety of setting styles. The most popular setting style is the claw setting, this in itself has changed over the years with a 4 claw setting for a solitaire ring being the most popular today. Yet go back just 40 years and a 6 or 8 claw setting was the setting of choice.

Another popular setting style is a rub over setting. This is where a small edge of metal surrounds the entire stone, holding it in place. This again has changed over the years from the Edwardian designs which had very thin walls and decorated with a millegrain edging to the style in the latter half of the C20th where the rub over edge became fashionably wider, moving through into Germanic design where the rub over edge has sharp, very wide bevelled edges.

Eternity ring settings come in a range of setting styles, included are Channel, Grain and Cut Away settings.

This style of setting means the stones are set between two strips of metal, forming a channel. Setting for this can be around the whole ring, 3/4’s, a 1/2 or a 1/3.

The grain setting means each stone is held in by small claws, which allows for less metal to be around the stones. This setting can also be combined with the channel setting meaning that the stones are set between a channel of metal and then held by smaller claws. This can add a more intricate feel to the design.

Cut Away;
The cut away setting appears as claw or grain set from the top but has more metal holding the stones along their base. From a side view this looks as though the stones have metal ‘cut away’ in a U shaped design.

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