Choosing your engagement ring,


Here at Timothy Roe our passion for creating beautiful bespoke jewellery goes much further than simply creating the aesthetically pleasing. Each member of our team are trained to help you in designing and creating your ideal engagement ring. We know that when it comes to engagement rings the possibilities are infinite, which can feel overwhelming at first. Here is our guide on the things to consider when looking at purchasing, or designing, your perfect ring.

Starting with the style of ring that you would like, whether this is a traditional solitaire, classic three-stone or an art-deco style cluster, knowing the design of ring you would like is key.


If there are two styles that you are choosing between this is also a good position to be in as from here we can help you to refine your ideas and find the perfect ring for your proposal. The design of ring will have an impact on the setting style, this refers to the way that the stones are held into the ring. A classic setting style would be a claw setting, with 4, 6 or 8 ‘prongs’ holding the stone in place. A rub over setting style has the metal surrounding the entire stone to hold it in place.

The next step is to decide on the metal you would like your ring to be in, this might be an easier decision as a few subtle hints may have already been made as to which metal is preferred. If no hints have been made then take note of the metal colour of other jewellery items that they wear. We work in all precious metals from  yellow, rose and white Gold to Platinum and Palladium. There is also the option to have different elements of your ring in different coloured metals, this can help to enhance the stones that you choose.

Once your style and metal have been narrowed down the most crucial choice is your stone(s). The most popular choice for an engagement ring is diamond however the possibilities are limitless. We can source almost any precious gemstone from diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds to opals, tourmalines, aquamarines and peridots. The stone and shape will have the biggest effect on your engagement ring as this is the central attraction.  


Once you have decided on the stone you would like, the shape and size are the next to consider. This will also have a bearing on the overall price of your engagement ring. Should you have a price in mind that you are looking to work towards, let us know as we can work backwards from this and calculate the size of stone that will work for you.

When you have chosen your style, metal, stones you can now consider some of the finer details. To make your engagement ring completely your own there are some smaller areas that you can personalise ensuring your engagement ring is unlike any other.


Engraving - Consider adding some lettering on the inside of the ring with the proposal date, a message or name.

Stone set shoulders - small stones can be added to the shoulders or even to the side of the main stone setting.

Mixing metals - Although the ring mount might be made in a white metal, a small detail picked out in rose or yellow gold can add something special to your ring.

Natural pink diamond set in rose gold with platinum white diamond set mount.

Natural pink diamond set in rose gold with platinum white diamond set mount.

Secret stones -  If the depth of the band is deep enough we are able to set a ‘secret’ stone on the inside of the ring. Also a tiny stone could be added on the side or between the claws that hold the principal stone.

Tim Roe