A brief history


Tim was born in 1959. The family lived and worked in the Chichester area. His mother Mary worked as a nurse and his father Charlie farmed salad crops in his market garden business and was also a very skilled photographer, painter and wood carver.

Tim went to Chichester High School for Boys where he discovered his love for art and also his dislike for homework. He then went on to Worthing Art College specialising in painting, printing and product design. His first job was working with an old schoolfriend in the workshop of the jewellers, C.C.Allen and Son in South Street Chichester.

Eventually Tim decided to start his own business and shared a successful business partnership for 11 years. His business partner’s interests were buying and selling antique jewellery but Tim always preferred the designing and making of new jewellery. In 1995 Tim sold his half of the company and began planning to open his new shop which opened in 1996.

The new shop specialised in gold jewellery, diamond rings and bespoke work. His new business soon became busy and Dan, his eldest son, began helping him on Saturdays whilst still attending a jewellery making college in London during the week. The business grew steadily with more customers wanting to create bespoke pieces.

Trade was booming and with Dan promoted to general manager, the workshop increased to include four goldsmiths and three diamond setters. Computer aided design and rapid prototyping, along with casting precious metals in store was also introduced. These new techniques and casting processes meant that they were among only a handful of retail jewellers in the whole country with the ability to do all this under one roof. 

Rather than relying on putting together components from other jewellery suppliers to make an 'original' piece of jewellery, they now had the ability to control all of the stages involved which has allowed them to meet the exceptional standards that Tim had always dreamed they might reach.

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Tim aged 8, on the beat at Chichester Cross, 25 yds from today’s South street premises. When he worked with C.C.Allen in his first job he used to wind up what was then a mechanical movement in the Cross once a week. Tim and his workshop colleague used to set the time slightly slower some weeks to give themselves more time before work started!

Please accept my apologies for this errant behaviour - I am much older now and much more sensible. (edit TR)