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Valuation Services

Valuations are carried out on the premises by Peter Jackson Valuations Ltd.

His work covers all aspects of jewellery, modern and antique, as well as modern and antique silverware and clocks. His work is based upon 46 years of experience in the jewellery trade and keeping up with current trends and prices together with attending seminars and symposiums on all aspects of the business.


The main emphasis of his work is that valuations are carried out at Timothy Roe Fine Jewellery or at the client’s home, making it a safe, efficient and secure service.

Options for insurance, probate and matrimonial purposes are available. Prices are based on a sliding scale depending on the valued price of your jewellery.

With a valuation for insurance purposes you will receive a bound copy with photos and detailed descriptions of each item. You will also receive an additional copy to send to your insurance company.

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