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Peregrine Falcon Pendant (Oxidised FInish)

A Sterling Silver Peregrine Falcon Pendant

Timothy Roe Fine Jewellery - Made in Our Workshops

The pendant measures 2.5cm across and features an oxidised finish.  

Why Peregrine Falcons?

We are very lucky with the location of our shop.  It is situated right next to the Cathedral in Chichester, and our back windows have a lovely view out on onto the green and of the cathedral spire.   For a few years now, Peregrine Falcons have chosen to nest on the spire.  

At the right time of year, you can see a variety telescopes, binoculars and heavy looking camera equipment, posied and ready to get the perfect photo or viewing angle of the new peregrine chicks.   Peregrines are not the most discreet birds either - you will often hear them screeching or squawking and teaching their young how to hunt on unsuspecting crows! 

Having these relatively rare birds in such close proximity to the shop inspired us to create these beautifully detailed pendants.  For the most update to date news on the Chichester Peregrines - head over to twitter and follow @Chi_Peregrines  - you can also find us on twitter using @TimothyRoeFJ .  

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