St Wilfrids Pansy

St Wilfrids Pansy

This weekend a few of our team were fortunate enough to attend the Midsummer Nights Gala for St Wilfrids Hospice. For the event 5 precious metal pansy pins were commissioned each containing a precious gemstone set into the centre. All Pansy's were available in the silent auction raising money for the new St Wilfrids home in Bosham.

Our Step by step production of the pansy pins;

1) Design inspiration - Customer comes to us with an idea, images and a brief for what they would like to achieve

2) Computer Aided Design/ 3D Modelling - CAD Technician takes the design ideas and images and creates a virtual model of the described/desired item

3) Production - The 3d model is used to 3D print waxes for the casting process, these are then cast in to precious metal using the lost wax casting process

4) Goldsmithing /Finishing - The final step in the making of any jewellery item. Our skilled goldsmiths will file, emery paper and polish the casting to the required finish, also attaching any required fittings. These are now ready to be booked out of the workshop.

A wonderful night had by all and an honour to be invited to attend.